First Impression: The buildings here, from quiet and neat little townhomes to shops and services of all kinds, are scaled for the district’s gnome inhabitants.
Social Class: Middle class

Notable characters:
Thurik Davandi

Davandi Fine Tailoring: The Upper Menthis representative on the city council isThurik Davandi (LN male gnome expert 4/magewright 4), an accomplished tailor specializing in glamerweave garments.

Khavish Theater: The Khavish Theater, one of four upscale theaters in Upper Menthis (the other three are all located in the University District), stands out for its ability to cater to the needs of gnomes and gnome-sized races, with ample seating for people of Small and Medium size. Two stage troupes share the theater—the Khavish Players, made up mostly of human actors, and the Zilargo Repertoire Group, consisting entirely of gnome performers.
The Khavish Players present more contemporary and widely appealing acts than the performers at the other Upper Menthis theaters, incorporating music, sex, and comedy—though not to the extent of the burlesque found in Lower Menthis. The Zilargo Repertoire Group generally performs works that only interest gnomes, full of intricate histories and a level of detail that audiences of other races find excessive (and mostly boring). Occasionally, they stage a comedy aimed at mixed-race audiences, generally featuring acrobatics and pratfalls. Recently, the famous gnome bard Kessler agreed to play with the Zilargo Repertoire Group, and that has brought more mixed crowds to their performances.


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